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Short Answer Questions

1. When Naomi awakens after her near death experience, where is she?

2. How does Naomi spend her time at Grandmother Nakane's funeral?

3. What instrument does Uncle bring for Stephen?

4. Which family member is released from internment and returns to the family hut?

5. Who attempts to comb the tangles out of Naomi's hair while she is recovering?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Naomi is a child, she is frequently told the story of Momotaro.

Part1.) Describe the story of Momotaro as it was told to Naomi.

Part 2.) Compare / contrast Momotar's story with Naomi's childhood story. What was the same about their upbringings? What was different?

Part 3.) Explain how Momotaro's story has a much larger effect on Naomi as she is remembering it in her adulthood.

Essay Topic 2

Naomi has a very strained and complicated relationship with her Aunt Emily throughout the course of the novel. Compare / contrast the story of Emily's journey as it is presented in her journals with the story of Naomi that is presented to the reader. How are their journeys the same? How are they different? Explain why Naomi is much more like her Aunt Emily than she would like to admit. How does Emily's political struggle reflect Naomi's bi-cultural struggles?

Essay Topic 3

Silence is a revered characteristic in Japanese culture. Explain the significance of silence to the characters in the novel, and explain the effect that silence has on an individual character level within the novel, as well as a cultural level in the era that this novel is set.

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