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Short Answer Questions

1. How many rooms does the hut that the Nakame family is relocated to have?

2. What type of exercises does Father send to Stephen while he is away?

3. In the childhood story that Naomi was frequently told, what is the name of the little boy who appears to Grandmother and Grandfather?

4. Which of the following characters does NOT return to the relocation camp after liberation?

5. What did Naomi's grandfather spend his life building?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Naomi remember about the time she spent in Grandmother Kato's house growing up?

2. What speech does Aunt Emily give to Naomi about racism, and what is Naomi's response?

3. What happened after Naomi's parents purchased her baby chicks?

4. Who goes back to visit the relocation camps in 1962, and what do they see there?

5. What is the truth surrounding the reasons why Naomi's mother never returned home to Canada?

6. What is the rest of the Nakane family's reaction to Aunt Emily's revolutionary thinking?

7. What happened when Kenji convinced Naomi to go on his raft for an adventure with him?

8. After Germany surrenders in the war, what changes about life in Slocan?

9. What did Naomi see when she first arrived at her relocation hut as a child?

10. At the onset of the labor camps, what happens to Naomi's family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Naomi is a child, she is frequently told the story of Momotaro.

Part1.) Describe the story of Momotaro as it was told to Naomi.

Part 2.) Compare / contrast Momotar's story with Naomi's childhood story. What was the same about their upbringings? What was different?

Part 3.) Explain how Momotaro's story has a much larger effect on Naomi as she is remembering it in her adulthood.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, Stephen struggles the most with his inability to balance culture.

Part 1) Compare / contrast Stephen's relationship to his culture as a child with his relationship to his culture as an adult.

Part 2.) Generate a list of events that highlight the way that Stephen began to pull away from his culture.

Part 3.) Theorize whether or not Stephen will return to his cultural roots based on the way that the novel ended.

Essay Topic 3

While the children are growing up, Stephen says to Naomi that being Japanese made them "both the enemy and not the enemy." What did this quote mean to Naomi at the time of her childhood, and what does it mean to her now as an adult? How does a double-identity play into Naomi's character throughout her life?

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