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1. Why have Naomi and Uncle Isamu traveled to the coulee in Granton?

Naomi and her Uncle have traveled to the same coulee in Granton for the past eighteen years to meditate. Uncle Isamu spends the entire time in the grass, meditating, but Naomi does not understand the practice and instead, spends her time picking flowers in the valley.

2. Who is Sigmund and how does he treat Naomi?

Sigmund is a student in Naomi's classroom of fifth and sixth graders. Sigmund is immediately identified as a troublemaker. He seems very interested in Naomi's heritage and romantic status. He calls Naomi an "old-maid" and says that he a has a friend who would like to date her.

3. How did Naomi react to the date that she went on with her student's widowed father?

The date that Naomi went on with the student's father was the last date she ever went on. The man asked about Naomi's heritage and she was greatly offended. She felt that he was asking too many questions and that her ethnicity was all that the man cared about. She didn't respond warmly and the man never called her again.

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