Obasan Character Descriptions

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Aya-obasan - See Ayako Nakane.

Mr. Barker - This character owns a beet field on which the narrator's family works after leaving Vancouver.

Rough Lock Bill - This character makes a very brief appearance, but leaves the message that it is important to see people as people and not as races, making this clear by telling stories about the land and saving a drowning child.

Old Man Gower - This character lures the main character close enough to be sexually abused, and is asked to watch the house when the family must leave for internment.

Dr. Kato - This character is a doctor with certain privileges that his family takes advantage of when internment begins, sending some family members to Toronto rather than the camp at Slocan.

Aunt Emily Kato - This character is a political firebrand, bestowing all her papers and zeal on the narrator...

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