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Numbers: Book 1 Test | Mid-Book Test - Hard

Rachel Ward
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Mid-Book Test - Hard

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This quiz consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Jem see the dates?

2. How does the man with the near death date die?

3. Why has Jem changed schools so many times?

4. What caused the explosion?

5. Why does Jem say she never wants to be a mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. What idea does Jem wrestle with after saving Spider in the woods?

2. What happens when Jem tries to eat after splitting up from Spider?

3. What does Britney do for Jem?

4. Why does Jem stop hanging out in the places kids go when they have nothing to do?

5. What strange thing does Jem notice while at the Eye of London?

6. Why does Spider steal a car to get out of the city?

7. Who is Cyril, and how does Jem learn about him?

8. Why does Jem carry guilt about the explosion?

9. How does the dance in the rain change Jem?

10. How does Jem feel when Spider says others may have Jem's gift?

Essay Topics

The characters in this novel had their own goals and motivations. Select four characters and then write their main motivation throughout the book, and how this goal affected the characters around them.

Belonging and security are two themes present in this book. Where did these themes appear, and which characters were most motivated by them?

Shame and propriety are common themes throughout this book. What are some of the instances where these themes are present, and why are they so important to the characters involved?

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