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Rachel Ward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jem's son know about Jem?
(a) When she will die.
(b) What she is thinking.
(c) How old she is.
(d) When she will get married.

2. What does the older man who works with Simon want Jem to do?
(a) Hide away.
(b) Call her parents.
(c) Run away at night.
(d) Turn herself in.

3. Who brings Spider to the church?
(a) A priest.
(b) A judge.
(c) A police man.
(d) Nobody.

4. When does Spider say his life with Jem will begin?
(a) After their jail time.
(b) After the interview is over.
(c) After his death.
(d) After the trial.

5. Who stops a man who will soon die from confronting Jem in the church?
(a) The Rector.
(b) Simon.
(c) Anne.
(d) Karen.

6. What eats a good portion of Jem's food from Britney's house?
(a) A dog.
(b) An orphan.
(c) A raccoon.
(d) A coyote.

7. What does Jem say about the people they pass on the High Street?
(a) They could be informers.
(b) They will all die soon.
(c) They are looking for her.
(d) They are oblivious to what is happening.

8. Why does Jem think the police will frame her for the bombing?
(a) They are afraid of her.
(b) They can't anger Baz.
(c) They want to close the case.
(d) They don't understand her power.

9. Where does Jem worry she will be taken if her secret gets out?
(a) An asylum.
(b) Prison.
(c) A foster home.
(d) The hospital.

10. What kind of animal does Britney own?
(a) Lizard.
(b) Hedgehog.
(c) Cat.
(d) Dog.

11. What does the man from the party say to anger Spider?
(a) Spider is a coward.
(b) He will beat Spider.
(c) He has been with Jem.
(d) He saw his grandmother.

12. Where does Jem head after leaving Britney's house?
(a) London.
(b) The woods.
(c) Weston.
(d) Essex.

13. How does Jem recognize the man from the party?
(a) His tattoos.
(b) His voice.
(c) His number.
(d) His shoes.

14. What does Jem do when Spider arrives at the church?
(a) Jumps into his arms.
(b) Slaps him.
(c) Breaks down in tears.
(d) Gives a speech.

15. Why does Jem say she hates her mother?
(a) For dying.
(b) For not explaining the gift.
(c) For being with bad men.
(d) For not loving her enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Britney ask Jem?

2. How does Britney cover for Jem when she leaves the house?

3. Who in the church does Jem tell her secret to?

4. Where does Jem consider jumping from in the church?

5. What does Jem leave out while talking to the police?

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