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Rachel Ward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Jem dreading about having a child?
(a) Seeing its death date.
(b) Being judged.
(c) Losing her freedom.
(d) Seeing Spider's face.

2. What does Jem's son struggle with?
(a) Academics.
(b) Speech.
(c) His health.
(d) Nightmares.

3. What does Jem leave out while talking to the police?
(a) Her mother's death.
(b) Her power.
(c) Her personal relationship with Spider.
(d) Her previous meeting with Baz.

4. How does Vic want to help Jem?
(a) Rid her of her gift.
(b) Make her famous.
(c) Represent her in court.
(d) Scientifically prove her gift.

5. What does Anne say Jem's gift could remind people to do?
(a) Live their life to the fullest.
(b) Avoid danger.
(c) Turn to God.
(d) Respect others with gifts.

6. Why doesn't Britney's brother live with her?
(a) Her parents are divorced.
(b) He is at college.
(c) He is in prison.
(d) He died.

7. What does Jem think might save Spider?
(a) Her death.
(b) Some medication.
(c) A turn to God.
(d) A change of events.

8. What does Britney's father do for a living?
(a) He is a counselor.
(b) He is a reporter.
(c) He is a teacher.
(d) He is a police man.

9. Who counsels the people trying to speak to Jem?
(a) Spider.
(b) Simon.
(c) Anne.
(d) Karen.

10. Where does Jem consider jumping from in the church?
(a) The altar.
(b) The window.
(c) The bell tower.
(d) The steeple.

11. What does the older man who works with Simon want Jem to do?
(a) Call her parents.
(b) Run away at night.
(c) Turn herself in.
(d) Hide away.

12. What is Vic's last name?
(a) Lorell.
(b) Lovell.
(c) Lowell.
(d) Lotell.

13. How does Jem learn where the spare set of church keys are?
(a) Th rector's wife tells her.
(b) She hears Simon tell Karen.
(c) She finds them.
(d) She sees where the rector puts them.

14. How does Karen look when she gets to the church?
(a) Happy.
(b) Angry.
(c) Worried.
(d) Offended.

15. What made Jem forget about her danger for a few days?
(a) Being with Spider.
(b) Being away from a TV.
(c) Seeing less numbers than usual.
(d) Talking to Rita.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Spider save Jem from the man at the party?

2. Why does Jem no longer hang out in the places other kids go?

3. Who tells Jem she can't stay at the church?

4. Who sent the man from the party to find Spider?

5. What does the ill woman ask Jem to do for her?

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