Numbers: Book 1 Character Descriptions

Rachel Ward
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Jem Marsh

This characer is a fifteen-year-old orphan living with a foster mother when she's caught up in the situation that leads to her decision to run away.

Terry Dawson (Spider)

This character is self-assured black boy and not particularly intelligent with regard to academics, but he is street-wise and thoughtful.


This character is able to see and sense more than most people and almost immediately recognizes her grandson's friend as having a similar gift.


This character can see the numbers like his mother did before she became pregnant with him.


This character is the daughter of a police officer who has been searching for a runaway foster child.


This character has twin boys and truly seems to want to do what's best for the main character.

Mr. McNulty

This character tells his students their futures will be series of crimes, welfare, and dead-end...

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