Numbers: Book 1 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rachel Ward
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Chapters 1 through 4

• Jem is a 15 year old girl who is a foster child. She has been kicked out of many foster homes, and has changed schools many times.

• She has a favorite place by the canal where she hangs out. This is where she meets Spider. He seems nice, but she doesn't want to be his friend.

• Jem sees the numbers of Spider's death in a few months and doesn't want to befriend someone so near his death.
• Jemma used to brag about seeing the numbers. She didn't know they were death dates until her mother died of a drug overdose and she saw someone write out her death date.

• Jem tries hard in English because her foster mother, Karen, wants her to. Mr. McNulty says Jem will be a cleaning lady if she doesn't take school seriously.

• Mr. McNulty gives the class an assignment to write about...

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