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Short Answer Questions

1. What holiday is upcoming which Ellen goes home to help prepare for in Chapter 4?

2. What color are Kirsti's new shoes?

3. Who tells Annemarie's mother about being stopped by the soldiers?

4. What month is it when Mama and the girls first travel with Ellen to Uncle Henrik's?

5. What does Kirsti want to hear about in her bedtime story from Annemarie in Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is one reason Annemarie thinks Mrs. Rosen may be particularly afraid in Chapter 11?

2. Describe at least two of the people who are in the living room "mourning" Aunt Birte with Annemarie.

3. How do the girls forget about their troubles once they get to Uncle Henrik's house?

4. How does Annemarie get off Ellen's necklace in Chapter 5?

5. Who tipped off the Rabbi who warned the Jews that the Germans were rounding them up?

6. Why does Annemarie often open Lise's trunk?

7. What had happened to Norway when they fought the Nazis?

8. How does Ellen react to having to wear a hand-me-down jacket?

9. How does Ellen offer to fix Kirsti's shoes?

10. How old is Annemarie when the war ends?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay discussing how reality was blended into fiction to create this novel. Use information from the text to support your essay.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout this novel, Annemarie seems to become more mature and adult-like, while Ellen seems to cling more and more to childhood. Write an essay describing why you think this occurs. Use information from the text to support your supposition.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout Number the Stars, there are a variety of contrasts. Choose two such contrasts and describe each in detail, using specific examples from the text. Include how each item is in contrast to the other. Be specific and detailed.

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