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Chapter 1

• Annemarie and her best friend Ellen are children in Copenhagen.

• Copenhagen is occupied by Nazi soldiers.

• On their way to school, the girls, along with Annemarie's little sister are stopped and questioned by some soldiers.

• The girls' parents are upset by the soldiers' questions.
• The families keep up with news through an illegal newspaper, which talks of the resistance forces.

• The girls' parents insist they walk different ways to school from now on to avoid the soldiers.

• The youngest girl, Kirsti, wants cupcakes, but it is clearly pointed out that this is not possible as long as the Germans are present.

Chapter 2

• The king of Denmark has no guards; instead, he relies on the people of the country to protect him.

• For this reason, he did not fight the Germans. He also did not want many of his countrymen to die unnecessarily.

• Many of the surrounding countries...

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