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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What obstacle does Ai Imajo face in attaining her goal?
(a) She can't afford it.
(b) She doesn't have good grades.
(c) Her father doesn't want her to go to the Paris school.
(d) She has a learning disability.

2. Which of the following does not describe how Eiji sabotages the yakuza at the end of Chapter Seven?
(a) He attaches Mrs. Yamaya's data on the yakuza to the virus.
(b) He uses Suga's computer virus.
(c) He sends Mrs. Yamaya's data to theTokyo police.
(d) He bombs Mr. Tsuru's car.

3. Why does the person in Eiji's third dream say Anju is not dead?
(a) Because her death was a dream.
(b) Because Eiji won't let her die.
(c) Because she was kidnapped.
(d) Because life is eternal.

4. Who is Eiji's third dream in Chapter Eight about?
(a) Mr. Aoyama, the Ueno Station boss who killed himself.
(b) Eiji's father.
(c) Eiji's grandfather.
(d) Eiji's mother.

5. What does Suga give Eiji before he leaves for his new job?
(a) A gold watch.
(b) A photo of himself.
(c) A John Lennon DVD.
(d) His finest computer virus.

6. Why is Ogre not married?
(a) He sleepwalks and acts out his dreams while doing so.
(b) The woman he loved died and he never got over her.
(c) He fears a wife would spend all his money.
(d) He prefers not to commit himself to marriage.

7. Which of the following is not a reason Mrs. Yamaya has sent information about yakuza activities to Eiji?
(a) She wants the yakuza to come after Eiji.
(b) Eiji shares the first name of her dead son.
(c) She has sent information to people she hopes will act on it.
(d) She has sent information posthumously.

8. Which of the following does not describe what Eiji finds when he finally meets his father?
(a) His father orders a pizza which Eiji delivers.
(b) Eiji leaves without revealing who he is.
(c) Eiji's father hugs him and arranges to meet him regularly.
(d) His father argues via telephone with his stepmother.

9. When Eiji wakes up from his initial dream in Chapter Eight, where does he find himself?
(a) In the cab of a truck.
(b) At his mother's clinic.
(c) In Ai Imajo's apartment.
(d) At the Jupiter Cafe.

10. In Chapter Six, what does Ai Imajo confide to Eiji?
(a) That she loves Eiji.
(b) That she is on the run from an abusive husband.
(c) That she's diabetic and shoots herself with insulin.
(d) That she knows who Eiji's father is.

11. Who is Goatwriter?
(a) A goat and lead character in the book Eiji finds and reads.
(b) A computer hacker at Ueno Station.
(c) Buntaro's brother.
(d) One of the yakuza men.

12. Which of the following statements does not describe something Daimon reveals during his visit with Eiji in Chapter Five?
(a) Daimon is now married to Miriam.
(b) Daimon promises to try to help Eiji find his father.
(c) Daimon and Miriam are going to disappear for a while.
(d) Daimon says the yakuza are no longer searching for him.

13. When his mother phones him, what does Eiji say to her?
(a) That he never wants to hear from her again.
(b) That he wants to come see her.
(c) That she is crazy and needs therapy.
(d) That she is responsible for Anju's death.

14. Why does Eiji miss his six o'clock visitor?
(a) He hides out in the secret room.
(b) He falls asleep.
(c) The visitor breaks in and remains quiet to not be detected.
(d) He is drugged.

15. Who is Ogre?
(a) A coworker at Nero's.
(b) The driver of the truck in which Eiji is riding.
(c) A yakuza assassin.
(d) Eiji's cousin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who picks up Eiji as he is fleeing the exploding Cadillacs at the beginning of Chapter Five?

2. In Chapter Five, how much time has lapsed since Eiji first left his village to come to Tokyo in search of his father?

3. Why does Daimon come to visit Eiji in Chapter Five?

4. What does Admiral Raizo say Eiji and his grandfather both want?

5. What does Eiji find in the secret room of the unfamiliar house?

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