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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ogre not married?
(a) He fears a wife would spend all his money.
(b) The woman he loved died and he never got over her.
(c) He prefers not to commit himself to marriage.
(d) He sleepwalks and acts out his dreams while doing so.

2. Why does the person in Eiji's third dream say Anju is not dead?
(a) Because her death was a dream.
(b) Because life is eternal.
(c) Because Eiji won't let her die.
(d) Because she was kidnapped.

3. Why does Eiji's grandfather say he despises Eiji's father?
(a) Eiji's father is an alcoholic.
(b) Eiji's father sold a 500-year-old family heirloom sword.
(c) Eiji's father is disrespectful to his father.
(d) Eiji's father has embezzled money from his law firm.

4. What happens in Tokyo at the end of the book?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) A flood.
(c) A fire.
(d) The Olympic games are held there.

5. What is the real reason for Suga's drinking binge?
(a) He is an alcoholic.
(b) The yakuza are after him.
(c) The Holy Grail quest of hacking the Pentagon computer.
(d) He misses Eiji.

6. What happens during Eiji's visit with his mother?
(a) Eiji and his mother argue loudly.
(b) Eiji's mother runs away from him.
(c) Eiji and his mother blame each other for Anju's death.
(d) Eiji and his mother agree to try and start over.

7. In Chapter Seven, where is Suga going to take a new job?
(a) Texas.
(b) London.
(c) New York.
(d) Nagasaki.

8. What is Eiji's mother doing when he arrives at her clinic?
(a) Having a birthday party.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Eating lunch.

9. What action does Eiji take after receiving the address from Daimon?
(a) He goes to the address in person.
(b) He hires a personal detective to go to the address.
(c) He sends Buntaro to check out the address.
(d) He writes the detecting asking for help locating his father.

10. Who offers Eiji a job at Nero's pizza?
(a) Mrs. Sasaki.
(b) Ai Imajo.
(c) Ai Imajo's roommate, Sachiko Sera.
(d) Daimon.

11. Why doesn't Eiji take a cigarette when Ogre offers him one?
(a) He fears Ogre has germs.
(b) He has promised AI Imajo he will stop smoking.
(c) He is allergic to cigarettes.
(d) He doesn't like Ogre.

12. Why has Mrs. Yamaya not been able to get the authorities to make use of the data she has gathered about the yakuza?
(a) The yakuza are blackmailing her.
(b) The data is hidden in a place guarded by the yakuza.
(c) She is in hiding.
(d) The yakuza own the police and politicians.

13. What have the yakuza done to Mrs. Yamaya because of her attempts to use the information she has gathered about their activities?
(a) They have cut off her hand.
(b) They have blackmailed her.
(c) They have murdered her.
(d) They have taken her hostage.

14. Who sets Eiji free from the yakuza and saves his life in Chapter Seven?
(a) Miriam.
(b) Daimon.
(c) Mama-san, the new head of the organization.
(d) Mr. Tsuru.

15. When Eiji asks Buntaro what he can do to cover his rent now that he is no longer working at Ueno Station, what does Buntaro propose?
(a) That Eiji find a new place to live.
(b) That Eiji not worry about rent until he finds a new job.
(c) That Eiji get a loan from his bank to pay the rent.
(d) That Eiji run the video store while Buntaro goes on vacation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of manager is Sachiko Sera at Nero's?

2. At the beginning of Chapter Six, where does Eiji go to meet his grandfather?

3. Why does Mrs. Sasaki tell Eiji not to return to his job at Ueno Station?

4. Why does Eiji miss his six o'clock visitor?

5. Which of the following is not a reason Eiji's stepmother gives for why Eiji's father does not want to meet him?

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