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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Six, what does Ai Imajo confide to Eiji?
(a) That she loves Eiji.
(b) That she knows who Eiji's father is.
(c) That she is on the run from an abusive husband.
(d) That she's diabetic and shoots herself with insulin.

2. Which of the following statements does not describe the unfamiliar house in which Eiji awakens at the beginning of Chapter Five?
(a) It has no telephone.
(b) It is well-furnished and old fashioned.
(c) A big black dog lives in it.
(d) It has no tv.

3. Who offers Eiji a job at Nero's pizza?
(a) Ai Imajo.
(b) Mrs. Sasaki.
(c) Daimon.
(d) Ai Imajo's roommate, Sachiko Sera.

4. Which of the following does not describe what Eiji finds when he finally meets his father?
(a) Eiji's father hugs him and arranges to meet him regularly.
(b) Eiji leaves without revealing who he is.
(c) His father orders a pizza which Eiji delivers.
(d) His father argues via telephone with his stepmother.

5. As he reflects on Anju's death and what gives his life meaning, what does Eiji begin to think about his search for his father?
(a) It is what gives his life meaning.
(b) It might not be as important as he has previously believed.
(c) He should increase his devotion to his quest.
(d) He should give up his quest.

6. To whom did Eiji's guitar once belong?
(a) Eiji's mother.
(b) Eiji's father.
(c) Anju.
(d) Eiji's grandfather.

7. What does Suga succeed in doing in Chapter Seven?
(a) Getting a new girlfriend.
(b) Hacking the Pentagon computer, his Holy Grail.
(c) Getting a raise.
(d) Getting married.

8. Which of the following statements does not describe something Daimon reveals during his visit with Eiji in Chapter Five?
(a) Daimon promises to try to help Eiji find his father.
(b) Daimon says the yakuza are no longer searching for him.
(c) Daimon is now married to Miriam.
(d) Daimon and Miriam are going to disappear for a while.

9. Why does Eiji miss his six o'clock visitor?
(a) He is drugged.
(b) He hides out in the secret room.
(c) He falls asleep.
(d) The visitor breaks in and remains quiet to not be detected.

10. Which of the following is not a reason Mrs. Yamaya has sent information about yakuza activities to Eiji?
(a) Eiji shares the first name of her dead son.
(b) She has sent information posthumously.
(c) She wants the yakuza to come after Eiji.
(d) She has sent information to people she hopes will act on it.

11. Who responds to Eiji's personal ad in the newspaper?
(a) A woman who says she knows Eiji's father.
(b) A man who thinks Eiji may be his son.
(c) A woman who thinks Eiji may be her stepbrother.
(d) A man who thinks Eiji may be his grandson.

12. When Eiji asks Buntaro what he can do to cover his rent now that he is no longer working at Ueno Station, what does Buntaro propose?
(a) That Eiji find a new place to live.
(b) That Eiji get a loan from his bank to pay the rent.
(c) That Eiji not worry about rent until he finds a new job.
(d) That Eiji run the video store while Buntaro goes on vacation.

13. What does the postcard Eiji receives ask him to do?
(a) Come for a visit.
(b) Burn his mother's last letter.
(c) Forgive his mother for all her mistakes.
(d) Stop trying to find his father.

14. In Chapter Six, what tale does Suga give as the reason for his emotional distress when he shows up drunk one night while Eiji is working?
(a) A financial loss.
(b) A job loss.
(c) A car accident in which a young boy was killed.
(d) A breakup with his girlfriend.

15. What gives Ai Imajo's life meaning?
(a) Music.
(b) Her job.
(c) Romance.
(d) Her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sets Eiji free from the yakuza and saves his life in Chapter Seven?

2. What have the yakuza done to Mrs. Yamaya because of her attempts to use the information she has gathered about their activities?

3. What action does Eiji take after receiving the address from Daimon?

4. What fact is Eiji surprised to learn about the identity of Mrs. Sasaki, his boss at Ueno Station?

5. Where do Ai Imajo and Eiji have breakfast in Chapter Seven?

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