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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interrupts Eiji's playing of the video game Virtua Sapiens?
(a) Daimon and Miriam arguing.
(b) A gang attacking him.
(c) An angry man threatening the waitress with the perfect neck.
(d) The cafe being robbed.

2. From what locale does Eiji sit and daydream about meeting Akiko Kato?
(a) A riverside bar called The Paradise Grill.
(b) A parking lot in downtown Tokyo.
(c) The PanOpticon Building.
(d) The Jupiter Cafe.

3. What draws Eiji's attention to one of the waitresses?
(a) The woman's dyed blonde hair.
(b) The woman's perfect neck.
(c) The woman's short skirt.
(d) The woman's missing front teeth.

4. What kind of yakuza war is going on in Chapter Four?
(a) A war between two warring mobs.
(b) A war of succession .
(c) A price war for drugs the yakuza sell.
(d) A war between Tokyo and Osaka yakuza.

5. Who is Wheatie?
(a) Eiji's girlfriend.
(b) Eiji's landlord.
(c) Anju and Eiji's grandmother.
(d) Anju and Eiji's mother.

6. Where does Eiji begin receiving messages that "Father" is watching him and will see him soon?
(a) On his answering machine.
(b) At home in his mailbox.
(c) On his computer via email.
(d) On the ATM screen when he uses his ATM card.

7. What kind of insects live in Eiji's apartment?
(a) Spiders.
(b) Flies.
(c) Fleas.
(d) Cockroaches.

8. Which of the following statements is not part of the fantasy Eiji tells Anju about the whalestone, a giant rock that emerges from the sea?
(a) A mermaid lives under it.
(b) If you swim to it, it will take you anywhere you want to go.
(c) The stone is magical.
(d) It was a real whale the thunder god turned into stone.

9. What is Eiji Miyake's quest?
(a) To find out who murdered his sister.
(b) To find a hidden treasure.
(c) To find the identity of his father.
(d) To find out who is planning to murder a politician.

10. Who has kidnapped Daimon and Eiji?
(a) Konosuke Tsuru.
(b) Ryutaro Morino.
(c) Buntaro.
(d) Jun Nagasaki.

11. Which of the following statements does not describe Daimon?
(a) He is a final-year law student.
(b) He is from Germany.
(c) He is a native of Tokyo.
(d) He is a gifted pool player.

12. What person does Eiji decide to meet virtually in the video game Virtua Sapiens?
(a) His father.
(b) Anju.
(c) His mother.
(d) His stepmother.

13. What does Eiji do when he comes to Ai Imajo's assistance in Chapter Three?
(a) He head butts the man who has been threatening Ai Imajo.
(b) He cowers under a table, deciding he can't help after all.
(c) He overpowers the man with karate.
(d) He calls the police.

14. What kind of business does Buntaro own?
(a) A lawn care service.
(b) A restaurant.
(c) A video store.
(d) A bakery.

15. What does Eiji think about Anju's ability to swim to the whalestone?
(a) He thinks she can easily swim that far.
(b) He thinks she can swim to the whalestone, but not very fast.
(c) He doesn't think she can swim that far.
(d) He thinks the water is too deep for her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does not describe Suga's appearance in Chapter Two?

2. Who is Buntaro?

3. What does Eiji find inside the file folder?

4. What errand does the attractive waitress leave to do?

5. What is the name of the building in which Akiko Kato works?

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