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David Mitchell (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of confronting Akiko, how does Eiji spend most of his afternoon in Chapter One?
(a) Daydreaming and watching the cafe customers and staff.
(b) Gambling at the race track.
(c) Drinking at a bar.
(d) Watching television.

2. What kind of insects live in Eiji's apartment?
(a) Flies.
(b) Fleas.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Cockroaches.

3. Who saves Eiji's life at the end of Chapter Four when bombs explode, killing the warring yakuza factions?
(a) Buntaro.
(b) A double agent, working for Mr. Tsuru, the former boss.
(c) Daimon.
(d) Miriam.

4. What is the source of Daimon's money?
(a) A winning lottery ticket.
(b) Gambling.
(c) A trust fund.
(d) His father's position.

5. What is Osugi and Bosugi?
(a) A night club.
(b) A clothing shop.
(c) Akiko Kato's law firm.
(d) A new American pizza parlor in Tokyo.

6. What happens when Eiji finally goes to Akiko Kato's office to confront her?
(a) Akiko Kato no longer works in the building.
(b) Security turns him away before he gets to the elevator.
(c) Akiko Kato refuses to see him.
(d) Akiko Kato has him arrested.

7. What instrument can Eiji play?
(a) The piano.
(b) The guitar.
(c) The flute.
(d) The violin.

8. Where does Eiji begin receiving messages that "Father" is watching him and will see him soon?
(a) On his computer via email.
(b) On his answering machine.
(c) At home in his mailbox.
(d) On the ATM screen when he uses his ATM card.

9. In what city does the book open?
(a) Kyoto.
(b) New York.
(c) Tokyo.
(d) Osaka.

10. What is the Queen of Spades?
(a) A gambling casino.
(b) An exclusive club to where Eiji and Daimon take their dates.
(c) A movie Eiji goes to see with Daimon.
(d) A boat Eiji wants to buy.

11. Who has kidnapped Daimon and Eiji?
(a) Jun Nagasaki.
(b) Buntaro.
(c) Ryutaro Morino.
(d) Konosuke Tsuru.

12. What kind of yakuza war is going on in Chapter Four?
(a) A price war for drugs the yakuza sell.
(b) A war of succession .
(c) A war between Tokyo and Osaka yakuza.
(d) A war between two warring mobs.

13. Which of the following does not describe what happens to Daimon after the yakuza release him?
(a) Eiji has Buntaro put him in Eiji's apartment.
(b) He is weak because the yakuza drained his blood.
(c) He dies.
(d) Eiji puts him in a taxi.

14. Which of the following statements does not describe Daimon?
(a) He is a native of Tokyo.
(b) He is from Germany.
(c) He is a gifted pool player.
(d) He is a final-year law student.

15. Who are Velvet and Coffee?
(a) Two undercover policemen.
(b) Two waitresses at a tea house.
(c) Two girls Eiji and Daimon pick up in a bar.
(d) Two video game characters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What magazine does Suga read in Chapter Two?

2. Who gets Eiji his job by arranging an interview for him with Mrs. Sasaki?

3. At the beginning of Chapter Two, what does Eiji think has happened to Cat?

4. Why does Eiji do what he does to the thunder god's statue when he is eleven?

5. In Eiji's fantasy about Akiko Kato, what happens to the information he finds in her office?

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