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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "Kaiten".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have the pregnant woman in Chapter Six and her husband decided to name their coming baby?
(a) Tunimoka.
(b) Kodai.
(c) Lasami.
(d) Jalaya.

2. What does Eiji leave in the video arcade in Chapter Three?
(a) His baseball cap.
(b) His car keys.
(c) His credit card.
(d) His wallet.

3. When Buntaro visits Eiji in Chatper Five, who does he say has been looking for Eiji?
(a) Ai Imajo.
(b) Mr. Tsuru.
(c) Eiji's father.
(d) Eiji's stepmother.

4. At the beginning of Chapter Four, in what predicament does Eiji find himself?
(a) He's about to die.
(b) He has been hit by a drunk driver.
(c) He's bankrupt.
(d) He is having a seizure.

5. What is Subaru Tsukiyama's relationship to Eiji?
(a) He is Eiji's great-uncle, the brother of Eiji's grandfather.
(b) He is Eiji's grandfather.
(c) He is Eiji's father.
(d) He is Eiji's half-brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the yakuza men lock up with Eiji in Chapter Four?

2. What was Subaru Tsukiyama's profession?

3. In what guise does Eiji fantasize that he sneaks into Akiko Kato's building?

4. To what does Daimon offer to treat Eiji?

5. Which of the following statements does not describe Mr. Aoyama?

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