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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "Kaiten".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Wheatie?
(a) Anju and Eiji's grandmother.
(b) Anju and Eiji's mother.
(c) Eiji's girlfriend.
(d) Eiji's landlord.

2. Who is Mrs. Comb?
(a) Eiji's stepsister.
(b) The owner of the unfamiliar house in which Eiji finds himself.
(c) A hen & Goatwriter's maid in the book Eiji finds and reads.
(d) Eiji's stepmother.

3. Who warns Eiji to stay away from the Queen of Spades because it isn't an ordinary club?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Ai Imajo.
(c) Velvet.
(d) Miriam.

4. What is the real reason for Suga's drinking binge?
(a) The yakuza are after him.
(b) The Holy Grail quest of hacking the Pentagon computer.
(c) He misses Eiji.
(d) He is an alcoholic.

5. What draws Eiji's attention to one of the waitresses?
(a) The woman's dyed blonde hair.
(b) The woman's missing front teeth.
(c) The woman's short skirt.
(d) The woman's perfect neck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What obstacle does Ai Imajo face in attaining her goal?

2. Who is expecting a baby in Chapter Six?

3. Who are Frankenstein and Lizard?

4. Where does Eiji go for breakfast in Chapter Three after his night with Daimon?

5. Which of the following is not an element of Eiji's daydream in Chapter One once it begins to rain?

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