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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, "Reclaimed Land".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eiji wear on his head in Chapter One?
(a) A golf cap.
(b) A plumed hat.
(c) A straw hat.
(d) A baseball cap.

2. What is Eiji Miyake's quest?
(a) To find out who murdered his sister.
(b) To find the identity of his father.
(c) To find a hidden treasure.
(d) To find out who is planning to murder a politician.

3. Which of the following does not describe what happens to Daimon after the yakuza release him?
(a) Eiji puts him in a taxi.
(b) He is weak because the yakuza drained his blood.
(c) Eiji has Buntaro put him in Eiji's apartment.
(d) He dies.

4. Who are Velvet and Coffee?
(a) Two waitresses at a tea house.
(b) Two girls Eiji and Daimon pick up in a bar.
(c) Two undercover policemen.
(d) Two video game characters.

5. With whom does Daimon seem to have tension at the Queen of Spades?
(a) The owner.
(b) Eiji.
(c) Miriam, one of the club's hostesses.
(d) Velvet and Coffee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the source of Daimon's money?

2. What kind of business does Buntaro own?

3. Where does Eiji begin receiving messages that "Father" is watching him and will see him soon?

4. What happens when Eiji asks for the file folder about his father?

5. In Eiji's fantasy about Akiko Kato in Chapter One, with what does he escape her building?

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