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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, "Reclaimed Land".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has kidnapped Daimon and Eiji?
(a) Ryutaro Morino.
(b) Konosuke Tsuru.
(c) Buntaro.
(d) Jun Nagasaki.

2. Who is Wheatie?
(a) Anju and Eiji's mother.
(b) Eiji's landlord.
(c) Anju and Eiji's grandmother.
(d) Eiji's girlfriend.

3. Who saves Eiji's life at the end of Chapter Four when bombs explode, killing the warring yakuza factions?
(a) Daimon.
(b) Buntaro.
(c) Miriam.
(d) A double agent, working for Mr. Tsuru, the former boss.

4. Where does Eiji begin receiving messages that "Father" is watching him and will see him soon?
(a) On his answering machine.
(b) At home in his mailbox.
(c) On the ATM screen when he uses his ATM card.
(d) On his computer via email.

5. Which of Eiji's coworkers commits suicide when told he is being demoted?
(a) Mrs. Sasaki.
(b) Mr. Aoyama.
(c) Akiko Kato.
(d) Suga.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Aoyama?

2. What does Eiji have to do in exchange for information on his father?

3. What does the letter Eiji receives from his stepmother accuse Eiji of planning to do?

4. What happens when Eiji finally goes to Akiko Kato's office to confront her?

5. What role does Daimon play in Eiji's finding of his lost article at the video arcade?

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