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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, "Video Games".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Osugi and Bosugi?
(a) A new American pizza parlor in Tokyo.
(b) Akiko Kato's law firm.
(c) A clothing shop.
(d) A night club.

2. Which of the following statements does not describe Mr. Aoyama?
(a) He wears a gold stud earring in his ear.
(b) He has a perfect Adolf Hitler mustache.
(c) He is bald.
(d) He is paranoid and thinks Eiji is a consultant spying on him.

3. To what does Daimon offer to treat Eiji?
(a) A baseball game.
(b) A few drinks.
(c) A day at the spa.
(d) A steak dinner.

4. In Eiji's fantasy about Akiko Kato in Chapter One, with what does he escape her building?
(a) Her file on his father.
(b) A picture of his father.
(c) A key to a safe deposit box containing stolen jewels.
(d) Akiko Kato's purse.

5. From what locale does Eiji sit and daydream about meeting Akiko Kato?
(a) A parking lot in downtown Tokyo.
(b) The PanOpticon Building.
(c) A riverside bar called The Paradise Grill.
(d) The Jupiter Cafe.

Short Answer Questions

1. On whose cell phone conversation does Eiji eavesdrop?

2. Who gets Eiji his job by arranging an interview for him with Mrs. Sasaki?

3. Which of the following statements is not part of the fantasy Eiji tells Anju about the whalestone, a giant rock that emerges from the sea?

4. What happens when Eiji finally goes to Akiko Kato's office to confront her?

5. What interrupts Eiji's playing of the video game Virtua Sapiens?

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