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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, "Study of Tales".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what locale does Eiji sit and daydream about meeting Akiko Kato?
(a) A parking lot in downtown Tokyo.
(b) A riverside bar called The Paradise Grill.
(c) The PanOpticon Building.
(d) The Jupiter Cafe.

2. What fact is Eiji surprised to learn about the identity of Mrs. Sasaki, his boss at Ueno Station?
(a) She is his stepmother.
(b) She knows his father.
(c) She is Buntaro's mother.
(d) She is one of his stepsisters.

3. Why have Daimon and Eiji been kidnapped?
(a) Because Eiji's father is a yakuza leader.
(b) Because the yakuza thinks they stole yakuza money.
(c) Because they didn't pay their bill at the Queen of Spades.
(d) Because of their involvement with Miriam, Morino's girlfriend.

4. What happens when Eiji finally goes to Akiko Kato's office to confront her?
(a) Security turns him away before he gets to the elevator.
(b) Akiko Kato no longer works in the building.
(c) Akiko Kato refuses to see him.
(d) Akiko Kato has him arrested.

5. Who claims to have a file folder about Eiji's father?
(a) Jun Nagasaki.
(b) Miriam.
(c) Eiji's kidnapper.
(d) Daimon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Osugi and Bosugi?

2. In what city does the book open?

3. Why is it so important for Eiji to find the article he lost in the video arcade?

4. How does Ai Imajo suggest that Eiji search for his father in Tokyo?

5. At the beginning of Chapter One, how does Eiji hope he will meet Akiko Kato?

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