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David Mitchell (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "Kaiten".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what does Subaru Tsukiyama find his life's meaning?
(a) In volunteering to sacrifice his life for his country.
(b) In charity work to help the poor.
(c) In his work as a medical doctor.
(d) In raising his three children.

2. At the beginning of Chapter Two, what does Eiji think has happened to Cat?
(a) He thinks Cat has run away.
(b) He thinks Cat has become ill.
(c) He thinks Cat is pregnant.
(d) He thinks Cat is dead.

3. Who gets Eiji his job by arranging an interview for him with Mrs. Sasaki?
(a) Buntaro.
(b) Mr. Aoyama.
(c) Anju.
(d) Suga.

4. Why can't Eiji sleep at night in Chapter Two?
(a) He suffers from insomnia.
(b) His neighbors keep him awake with their noise.
(c) He is too busy studying.
(d) He suffers from migraines.

5. Who offers Eiji a job at Nero's pizza?
(a) Ai Imajo.
(b) Ai Imajo's roommate, Sachiko Sera.
(c) Daimon.
(d) Mrs. Sasaki.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of business does Buntaro own?

2. Which of the following people is not involved in the yakuza war?

3. In Chapter Six, what does Ai Imajo confide to Eiji?

4. Where does Eiji begin receiving messages that "Father" is watching him and will see him soon?

5. What was Subaru Tsukiyama's profession?

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