Objects & Places from Number 9 Dream

David Mitchell (author)
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Eiji's Cap

This object is the last birthday gift the main character received from his twin sister.

Subaru's Journal

This object details a pilot's experiences training in the Japanese military, and the main character inherits it when his grandfather dies after lending it to him.

The Sword

This object is a family heirloom, having been in the family for five hundred years, and gets sold to an American businessman.


This object is something the main character is surprised to find out once belonged to his mother.


This object is a massive stone that rises out of the sea near the main character's home island.

Holy Grail

This object is the ultimate meaning for any computer hacker. It is a secret Pentagon computer that, if hacked, will lead to an instant job with the United States government.

General MacArthur's Lighter

This object is given to the main...

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