Objects & Places from Number 9 Dream

David Mitchell (author)
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Eiji's Cap - This object is the last birthday gift the main character received from his twin sister.

Subaru's Journal - This object details a pilot's experiences training in the Japanese military, and the main character inherits it when his grandfather dies after lending it to him.

The Sword - This object is a family heirloom, having been in the family for five hundred years, and gets sold to an American businessman.

Guitar - This object is something the main character is surprised to find out once belonged to his mother.

Whalestone - This object is a massive stone that rises out of the sea near the main character's home island.

Holy Grail - This object is the ultimate meaning for any computer hacker. It is a secret Pentagon computer that, if hacked, will lead to an instant job with the United States government.

General MacArthur's Lighter...

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