Daily Lessons for Teaching Number 9 Dream

David Mitchell (author)
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter One of Number Nine Dream by David Mitchell introduces the character of Eiji Miyake. Eiji is a small-town boy who has come to the big city of Tokyo on a quest to discover the identity of the father who abandoned him in infancy. Eiji indulges in continual daydreams and lives in fantasy more than reality . Naive, hesitant, and fearful, he is not a very heroic hero. This lesson will discuss the character of Eiji and his role as the protagonist of the story, a protagonist who seems weak and uncertain at the beginning of the story rather than strong and confident.

1. Class Discussion: Who is the first character introduced in the novel? Who is the protagonist of the novel? What helps identify Eiji as the protagonist of the story? Other terms for protagonist are main character and hero. Does Eiji Miyake seem very heroic in...

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