Number 9 Dream Character Descriptions

David Mitchell (author)
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Eiji Miyake - This is the novel's main character.

Anju Miyake - This is the main character's twin and an overshadowing presence throughout the novel despite an early death by drowning.

Mariko Miyaki - This character falls into a cycle of depression and alcoholism and ends up in a rehab clinic.

Ai Imajo - This character is a piano student who hopes to attend the Conservatoire in Paris.

Sachiko Sera - This is the main character's boss who turns out to be a kind and capable manager, who is also very understanding when the main character needs to go see his mother.

Buntaro Ogiso - This is the main character's landlord.

Mrs. Sasaki - This is the main character's first boss; a person with whom one must always be totally honest.

Masanobu Suga - This character is a capable computer hacker whose meaning in life is to...

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