Number 9 Dream Character Descriptions

David Mitchell (author)
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Eiji Miyake

This is the novel's main character.

Anju Miyake

This is the main character's twin and an overshadowing presence throughout the novel despite an early death by drowning.

Mariko Miyaki

This character falls into a cycle of depression and alcoholism and ends up in a rehab clinic.

Ai Imajo

This character is a piano student who hopes to attend the Conservatoire in Paris.

Sachiko Sera

This is the main character's boss who turns out to be a kind and capable manager, who is also very understanding when the main character needs to go see his mother.

Buntaro Ogiso

This is the main character's landlord.

Mrs. Sasaki

This is the main character's first boss; a person with whom one must always be totally honest.

Masanobu Suga

This character is a capable computer hacker whose meaning in life is to hack the Pentagon.

Yuzu Daimon

This character's father is...

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