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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Phillip's father say he was never interested in when he was Phillip's age?
(a) Books.
(b) Grades.
(c) Girls.
(d) Social activities.

2. Why does Phillip not like the book he assigned to read at school?
(a) It is not intricate enough for him.
(b) It is about a dog.
(c) It does not apply to his life.
(d) It has challenging language.

3. Who tells Phillip that they liked the assigned reading book?
(a) Frank.
(b) Allison.
(c) Phillip's mother.
(d) Miss Narwin.

4. Why is Miss Narwin asking someone else to pay for the special program she wants to attend?
(a) She does not think it is fair for her to pay her own way.
(b) She can only pay for half of it.
(c) She cannot afford it.
(d) She needs her money for a vacation.

5. What does Coach Jamison tell Phillip to do in order to do what he wants in the Spring?
(a) Work harder on the team.
(b) Talk to his parents.
(c) Do extra work for Miss Narwin.
(d) Discuss his situation with the principal.

6. Who does Phillip read about in his sports magazine?
(a) Babe Ruth.
(b) Michael Jordan.
(c) Steve Hallick.
(d) Newt Gingritch.

7. How did Miss Narwin first meet the person from whom she is asking for the money to go to her special program?
(a) She was his secretary.
(b) He was a former student.
(c) He was a schoolmate of hers.
(d) She knew his parents.

8. What will be lost if the budget is not approved?
(a) Jobs.
(b) Information.
(c) Supplies.
(d) Money.

9. Why does Phillip not care about his History grade?
(a) History is about dead people.
(b) He didn't like his teacher.
(c) He knows he can do better.
(d) It was an easy class.

10. What is the name of the girl that Phillip has a crush on?
(a) Allison.
(b) Aubrie.
(c) Audra.
(d) Amanda.

11. What is the first name of the music teacher?
(a) Karla.
(b) Kylie.
(c) Kimberly.
(d) Kayla.

12. What are the students supposed to do as they listen to something every day at school?
(a) Stand and be still.
(b) Take notes.
(c) Write about the music.
(d) Sing along.

13. What does Phillip's father say is the worst thing that could happen in response to his wife's concerns over Phillip?
(a) He will have to see a doctor.
(b) He will have to go to summer school.
(c) He will have to transfer schools.
(d) He will have to try out for the team another year.

14. What is the principal's first name?
(a) Joseph.
(b) David.
(c) Robert.
(d) Ross.

15. What does the document in Chapter 6 say a wise voter must be?
(a) Respectful.
(b) Well rested.
(c) Prompt.
(d) Informed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Phillip's dad not have a very good job?

2. What does Miss Narwin say she wants Phillip to improve on?

3. How do we learn of Phillip's schedule change?

4. Which of the following does Miss Narwin NOT include in the list of people disrespecting her?

5. What does Miss Narwin say her beloved books are competing with for students' attention?

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