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• Dr. Palleni, the Assistant Principal at Harrison High School sends out a memo describing the procedures for morning announcements.

• Announcements begin at 8:05 a.m., when a faculty member will provides the date and explains some historical elements of the day.
• They will then ask the students to stand and listen to the National Anthem. After the anthem, a student will announce details about clubs and sporting events.

Chapter 1, Tuesday, March 13

• Phillip writes in his diary about his dream of being an Olympic runner. He was on the Junior High track team and hopes to be on the the High School track team as a freshman.

• Coach Jamison stops Phillip in the hall and asks him to try out for the team. Phillip's dad was a runner in college, but had to quit the team when his dad died.

• Phillip says he wants to be a famous runner...

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