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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Harlem Ghetto.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What novel does Baldwin compare Uncle Tom's Cabin to?
(a) Othello.
(b) Native Son.
(c) Black Boy.
(d) Little Women.

2. What two big name magazines, popular in the African American community in the 1940s, are mentioned in the chapter entitled The Harlem Ghetto?
(a) Essence and Jet.
(b) Ebony and Our World.
(c) Ebony and Jet.
(d) Ebony and Essence.

3. According to Baldwin, what characteristic does Dorothy Dandridge have that Pearl Bailey lacks?
(a) Aggression.
(b) Shyness.
(c) Charisma.
(d) Sexiness.

4. What genre of film is the movie Carmen Jones?
(a) Opera.
(b) Drama .
(c) Horror.
(d) Comedy.

5. Protest novels are said to resemble:
(a) Missionaries to South America.
(b) Missionaries to India.
(c) Missionaries to America.
(d) Missionaries to Africa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

2. According to Baldwin, at what point does the making of an American begin?

3. Who played the lead male role in the film Carmen Jones?

4. What newspaper rivaled the Amsterdam Star-News in the 1940s?

5. According to Baldwin, what has led to unforeseen paradoxical distress?

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