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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Equal in Paris.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What food was always in the reoccurring nightmares that Baldwin had while in Fresnes?
(a) His mother's macaroni and cheese.
(b) His mother's fried chicken.
(c) Sweet potato pie.
(d) Collard greens.

2. What is the theme of Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son?
(a) Racial prejudice.
(b) Self-worth.
(c) Self-righteousness.
(d) Apartheid.

3. What prison was Baldwin's friend sent to that he was forbidden to enter?
(a) La Santé.
(b) Sorbonne.
(c) La Mese.
(d) Fresnes.

4. Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin was written?
(a) To abolish slavery.
(b) To tell the true story of Uncle Tom.
(c) To prove slavery is wrong.
(d) To show the every day life of a slave.

5. Why is the language and dialect in the film Carmen Jones considered an insult on black people?
(a) Because the characters speak like stereotypical Negroes.
(b) Because the characters speak like northern born Negroes.
(c) Because the characters speak like antebellum Negroes adopting the patterns language of their masters.
(d) Because the characters speak like enslaved Africans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the legal guardian and road manager of the Melodeers during their journey to Atlanta?

2. How did the French see Baldwin in the commissariat?

3. What stereotypical trait is shared by the female and male leads in the film Carmen Jones?

4. According to Baldwin, which students are successfully entrenched in Parisian lifestyle?

5. Where did the Melodeers room while in Atlanta?

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