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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Carmen Jones: The Dark Is Light Enough.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baldwin suggest the presupposition of the two novels Kingsblood Royal and If He Hollers Let Him Go are in the chapter entitled Many Thousands Gone?
(a) Blacks need to make themselves less offensive.
(b) Black is a terrible color with which to be born into the world.
(c) Black men are inferior to white men.
(d) The Negro is a man without a homeland.

2. How are the oppressed and oppressor described in the book, Notes of a Native Son?
(a) They are both are oppressed.
(b) They are bound together within the same society.
(c) They are divided by society.
(d) They are separated by common law.

3. How does Baldwin describe a "new society" in the book, Notes of a Native Son?
(a) One in which Negros and Whites work together.
(b) One in which inequalities change because of protests.
(c) One in which inequalities will disappear and vengeance will be exacted.
(d) One in which Negros resume their slave duties.

4. What point of view does Baldwin use in this essay?
(a) Third person narrative.
(b) First person limited narrative.
(c) First person narrative.
(d) Second person narrative.

5. What genre of film is the movie Carmen Jones?
(a) Drama .
(b) Horror.
(c) Opera.
(d) Comedy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The story of Carmen Jones deals with what type of people?

2. According to Baldwin, if black faces cannot be made white then what other way can they be changed in order to be less offensive to white society?

3. How is history and the progress of the Negro described in the chapter entitled Many Thousands Gone?

4. What is dehumanization of the Negro inseparable from?

5. Although it is known that African Americans are not biologically or mentally inferior, what occurred during the World War II?

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