Notes of a Dirty Old Man Fun Activities

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Underground Newspaper

Start your own school's underground newspaper! Come up with a title and print one issue. Who will you have write for your paper, and what topics will you cover?


What does J.C., the baseball-playing angel, look like? Do an illustration using any medium you like and bring the angel to life.

All About Style

Write as Bukowski and create your own story, mimicking his style of writing, but be sure to use school-appropriate language!


Create a Jeopardy! game for your classmates with all the different characters in the book.

Acrostic Bukowski

Write an acrostic poem using the letters of Bukowski's name to describe his personality.

Days with Kerouac

Kerouac is one of few writers Bukowski respects. Write an imaginary dialogue, at least two pages long, of what the two might talk about.

Book review

Write a review for this book as if...

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