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• Bukowski explains how his friend John Bryan started his own underground newspaper.

• Bryan asked Bukowski to write a weekly column.

• The columns are the basis for the book.
• Bukowski says he enjoys the column, as it generally writes itself.

• The reader becomes familiar with Bukowski's style.

• Bukowski mentions that he doesn't much care whether readers love or hate him.

Section 1 and Section 2

• In section one, Bukowski recounts a fight with his friend named Elf.

• The fight began after a card game.

• Bukowski attempts to leave his apartment the next day only to find a Filipino man guarding his door.

• Bukowski hits the man and catches a cab to New Orleans.
• Section two is narrated by Bailey, a fictional character.

• Bailey tells a story of a baseball-playing angel named Jimmy Crispin, who goes by J.C.

• J.C. gets the Blues, a baseball team, close to winning the...

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