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Part I: Chapters I and II

• The author of this book notes that the character is fictional.
• The main character, "the writer", is ill, ugly, and unhappy with his life.
• The writer feels his life would be better if he was a man of action.
• The writer has a negative opinion toward others and to life in general. He notes, however, that he is at fault for his situation.

Part I: Chapters III and IV

• The man of action is discussed and what happens when the man of action is faced with a wall.
• The reader learns that the writer envies men of action.
• The nature of a toothache is discussed and the writer points out that a suffering man will groan because he finds pleasure in it.
• The writer questions self-respect among intelligent men.

Part I: Chapters V, VI and VII

• The writer discusses the laws of...

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