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Short Answer Questions

1. When Sandy goes with his colored friends to the carnival, what happens?

2. World War I has started and Tempy is helping out. Why?

3. How did Sandy feel about moving in with Tempy?

4. While working at the hotel, how did Sandy encounter Harriet?

5. Tempy had worked for a progressive white women fighting for what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the other major event in this chapter? Are you surprised by this? Why or why not?

2. Was Sandy's first view of Chicago what he expected? Should he have expected this? Why or why not?

3. Why does Tempy help out with the war effort?

4. What takes place in the Pool Hall? Why?

5. How does Sandy change when he begins to focus on his education? Is this good or bad?

6. Should Sandy have dumped Pansetta?

7. How has Harriett grown up? How is this revealed in what she says to Sandy and Annjee?

8. What does Sandy get from working in a barber shop?

9. What has happened to Hager in "Note to Harriett?" Why might the title be named after the note sent to Harriett?

10. How does Sandy's life change after Hager's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Harriet has very strong opinions.

Part 1) Describe her very strong opinions. What do these opinions reveal about her personality and beliefs? How does this vibrant personality and these strong beliefs guide her life throughout the story? How different might her life have been if she had not been such a forceful character?

Part 2) How has Hariett's personality and belief system been both detrimental and beneficial? In the end, was it more detrimental or more beneficial? Explain.

Part 3) How does your own personality compare to Harriett's? How do your beliefs compare to hers? How have your personality and beliefs played a role in the events that take place in your life? How influential are you on your own life and the events that take place in your life?

Essay Topic 2

Most of the characters in this story are women.

Part 1) Why might the author have made most of the characters women? What generalization can you make about these women? What generalization can you make about the men in the story? How do the women compare to the men? What does this reveal about the culture of the time and the author?

Part 2) What might this story have been like if most of the characters were men? Would it be different? Why or why not? Why has the author put an importance and an emphasis on women, especially considering the author is a man?

Part 3) Compare these women to the women in your own life. How are they similar? How are they different? What might account for these similarities and differences? Although most of the characters are women, can men relate to these characters? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Sandy is a good student.

Part 1) Describe Sandy's education throughout this book. Is it adequate? Why or why not? Should he have been placed in an integrated school, even though he was still segregated in many ways from his white classmates? Explain.

Part 2) Does segregation still exist today? Explain. Are all Americans given equal chances at receiving an adequate education today? Why or why not?

Part 3) How does Sandy's education compare to your own? How does Sandy's view of education compare to your own? How does Aunt Hager's, Tempy's, Sandy's, and Harriet's view of education impact you? Do you put as much emphasis on getting a good education? Why or why not?

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