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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once when Sandy was shining the shoes of a drunken bunch of white men, one of them, a Southerner, told Sandy to do what?
(a) Dance for money.
(b) Tell jokes for money.
(c) Clean his shoes for money.
(d) Sing for money.

2. Why does Hager not want Sandy to work at a hotel?
(a) Hotels do not pay well.
(b) He is smarter than most people who work at hotels.
(c) She thinks that bad things go on at hotels.
(d) Sandy will have to work late hours.

3. Harriet reminds Annjee of whose great dreams for Sandy?
(a) Jimboy's.
(b) Sister Johnson's.
(c) Aunt Hager's.
(d) Tempy's.

4. What did Sandy win?
(a) A spelling bee.
(b) A wrestling tournament.
(c) The freshman essay contest.
(d) A tennis match.

5. He wanted to be more like Harriet, refusing to do what?
(a) Follow the laws.
(b) Conform to the white folks' ways of perceiving him.
(c) Listen to his mother and aunt.
(d) Live a simple life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tempy and Arkins believed that to get respect, one had to do what?

2. When Sandy goes with his colored friends to the carnival, what happens?

3. One day, Mr. Logan recommends that he get a job where?

4. What does Sandy's friend say about Pansetta?

5. One day after coming home from the hotel, Sandy finds Hager reading the evening paper; she sees an article claiming that Harriett and Maudel have been arrested for _____________ and fined "ten dollars and costs".

Short Essay Questions

1. How has Harriett changed since she left home for the last time?

2. What has happened to Hager in "Note to Harriett?" Why might the title be named after the note sent to Harriett?

3. Was Sandy's first view of Chicago what he expected? Should he have expected this? Why or why not?

4. Describe Hager's funeral.

5. How does Sandy come to the decision to get his education? How does this change his mind?

6. How does Sandy change when he begins to focus on his education? Is this good or bad?

7. What was the worst incident Sandy had to deal with at the hotel?

8. In "Children's Day," how does inequality even affect African American children?

9. How does Sandy feel about what Aunt Hager had taught him? Why does he feel this way?

10. How does Hager react to the unfair treatment of Sandy and his friends? Do you agree? Why or why not?

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