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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9, White Folks, Dance, Carnival.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did this woman decide to quit her job as a waitress?
(a) Because the job did not pay well.
(b) Because her boss treated her badly.
(c) Because she had plans to go back to school.
(d) Because white men harassed her too much and asked her to sleep with them.

2. In Stanton, why was there almost no work for black people?
(a) Immigrants came in and took away their jobs.
(b) The whites would not let them work.
(c) Other minority groups came in a took away their jobs.
(d) There was hardly any work for anyone.

3. In "Jimboy's Letter", AnnJee receives a note from Jimboy saying what?
(a) He'd found a good job and wanted her to join him.
(b) He'd been working in a warehouse in Chicago and had been promoted to manager.
(c) He'd been laying railroad in Kansas City and had hurt his back so he was coming home.
(d) He'd remarried.

4. Sandy had to run off and help his mother, who was ___________ at the Rice's, a rich white family.
(a) Teaching.
(b) Nannying.
(c) Cleaning.
(d) Cooking.

5. Where did Harriet and Jimboy go?
(a) To the carnival.
(b) To the revival.
(c) To neither the carnival nor the revival.
(d) To both the carnival and the revival.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Work" begins with Jimboy and Sandy doing what?

2. How does Annjee feel when Jimboy comes home and starts singing with Harriet?

3. Why did she want to get a job as a chambermaid at a hotel?

4. Old Sister Johnson had lived through slavery, and after being freed, she and a large number of other blacks started up a town called _____________.

5. What happened to Sandy at the carnival?

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