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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25-27, Pool Hall, The Doors of Life, Beware of Women.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he reached school, the teacher did what?
(a) Yelled at him for being black.
(b) Welcomed him into the classroom.
(c) Ignored him.
(d) Segregated him and two colored girls in his class.

2. Tempy sent Sandy to wire Annjee to let her know that Hager was sick. Why did the news not reach Annjee at this time?
(a) The address was no good.
(b) Hager died before Sandy could get a message wired to Annjee.
(c) She did not pick up her telegram.
(d) Sandy forgot her address.

3. Why did many of the elder townspeople die?
(a) From a flu epidemic.
(b) From a cholera epidemic.
(c) From pneumonia.
(d) The winter was very cold.

4. What did John Lowdins do when a drunk white man attacked him?
(a) He called the police.
(b) He did nothing.
(c) He shot him in the shoulder and drove off.
(d) He killed him.

5. Tempy and her husband have done well financially and have stopped hanging around who?
(a) Lower-class blacks with darker skin.
(b) All black people.
(c) Middle-class blacks.
(d) White people.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 'Beware of Women' Tempy complains that Sandy is doing what?

2. Who did Sandy begin to think was the villain?

3. To popularize the carnival, the carnival owners place coupons in the paper; if children bring them for "children's day" they can get what?

4. For how long did Sandy have this illness?

5. The story then flashes back _______ days when Sandy came home from work.

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