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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9, White Folks, Dance, Carnival.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aunt Hager argued that they shouldn't hate white people but do what?
(a) Take care of them.
(b) Fear them.
(c) Pray for them.
(d) Do what they ask.

2. The white people near the area were furious at these blacks. Why?
(a) For acting white.
(b) For stealing land.
(c) For taking white jobs.
(d) For buying white property.

3. What did Harriet do that night when she came home late?
(a) She packed her bags and caught the next train to New York City.
(b) She packed her bags and ran off with the circus.
(c) She packed her bags and moved in with her boyfriend.
(d) She wrote a nasty note to Aunt Hager.

4. What happened to Sandy at the carnival?
(a) He missed the rest of his family.
(b) He got bored.
(c) He stepped on a rusty nail.
(d) He became nauseous on one of the rides.

5. Who are Hager's three daughters?
(a) Tempy, Annjee and Sandy.
(b) Tempy, Sandy, and Harriett.
(c) Sandy, Annjee, and Harriett.
(d) Tempy, Annjee and Harriett.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of the story, what is Aunt Hager desperately trying to do?

2. Why does Annjee believe Jimboy married her?

3. A man could work in Stanton his whole life without saving enough money to retire and leave something behind. To whom had this happened?

4. Tempy and her husband have done well financially and have stopped hanging around who?

5. "Storm" introduces Aunt Hager and her grandson Sandy preparing for ________________ that is hitting their neighborhood.

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