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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Don Jose moved to Sulaco?
(a) For medical reasons
(b) For a quieter life
(c) To be closer to his parents
(d) To be by the sea

2. What do the rioters discuss doing to the hotel?
(a) Burning it down
(b) Smashing its windows
(c) Ransacking all the rooms
(d) Robbing its safe

3. Who does Gould have to send a decree to to build villages near the mine?
(a) Minister of the Interior
(b) The Ambassador
(c) The President
(d) The Minister of Foreign Affairs

4. What do the Violas call Nostromo?
(a) Gian Battista
(b) Michaelangelo
(c) Garribaldi
(d) Nostril

5. Which character in this chapter calls Mrs. Gould "my soul"?
(a) Nostromo
(b) Nostromo
(c) Jose Avellanos
(d) Mr. Gould

Short Answer Questions

1. For what are the Americans looking?

2. What is Mr. Gould's first name?

3. Where does the revolt take place?

4. What kind of articles does Decoud write for Europeans?

5. What is the only thing that keeps Decoud in Sulaco?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does Chapter 7, Part 1, indicate that the mine is already creating a gulf between the Goulds?

2. In what can Don Pepe be seen as one of the novel's stronger characters?

3. What does Captain Mitchell say on his tours around the Occidental Republic?

4. What is the only reason the doctor thinks that Nostromo is trustworthy with the silver?

5. How do President Ribiera's problems start?

6. In what way does this chapter highlight Ribiera's weaknesses?

7. What has happened to Decoud?

8. Describe how Nostromo dies in the final chapter.

9. What are Antonia and Gould's real concerns?

10. In what way does the mine symbolize power and authority?

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