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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two characters discuss the future of the town and the mine?
(a) Mr. Gould and Don Jose
(b) Antonia and Mrs. Gould
(c) The doctor and the engineer
(d) Mr. Gould and the engineer

2. Who arrives at the hotel to stop the rioters?
(a) Napolean
(b) Nostromo
(c) Garraldi
(d) Joseph Mitchell

3. At whose house does a party take place in this chapter?
(a) Don Jose's house
(b) The Goulds' house
(c) Decouds' house
(d) Ribieras' house

4. Where does Don Jose want Decoud to encourage support?
(a) Asia
(b) Argentina
(c) Europe and the US
(d) Africa and the US

5. Why does the chief engineer help the townspeople?
(a) Out of kindness
(b) To impress the women
(c) To win the respect of Montero
(d) To show his politcal neutrality

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom are the town leaders waiting?

2. In what part of Europe does Mrs. Gould discover true peasantry?

3. How many months do the Goulds travel to look for laborers?

4. What does Viola think is all the Italian workers and Nostromo care about?

5. Which character calls Mrs. Gould the "never tired Senora"?

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