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Costaguana - A fictional Central American country going through a series of governmental changes.

Sulaco - The port city where the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company has its regional office.

The San Tome Mines - Charles Gould grows up with the obsession of vindicating his father by making a success of this. His obsession separates him from his wife and friends and eventually leads him to support independence.

Azuera - The name of the spot in the mountains where the original American prospectors find silver near Sulaco and then disappear. It represents mystery and obsessive greed.

The Isabels - A series of three small islands off the coast of Sulaco. They are both close enough to be easily accessed from Sulaco but are generally uninhabitable.

The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company - It operates direct contact between Sulaco and Europe and is the major transportation route for the country...

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