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FCI Englewood in the Supermax Prison Infirmary

This location appears in the Prologue, when Charlie Manx awakens from a coma here.


This is the name of Charlie Manx's house below the Flatirons where he hangs ornaments in the memory of the children he's destroyed.

Shorter Way Bridge

It is at this location that Vic McQueen crosses "the distance between Lost and Found."

Haverhill, Massachusetts

This is the city where Vic McQueen's family is living when Vic discovers the portal between "Lost and Found."


This is the company where Bing Partridge works in the janitorial crew. It is from this location that Bing is able to obtain the drugs that are used in kidnapping the children taken by Charlie Manx.

Nail Gun

This is the object that Bing Partridge uses to kill his father in the narrative.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

This is the car that Charlie Manx drives...

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