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"Prologue: Season's Greetings, December 2008" and "Shorter Way, 1986-1989"

• NOS4A2 is a supernatural thriller by American author Joe Hill (pen name of Joseph Hillstrom King, son of author Stephen King).

• The Prologue of the novel, titled "Season's Greetings, December 2008" introduces Nurse Thornton as she stops by the long-term care ward with blood for Charlie Manx.

• As Ellen Thornton works, she considers the fact that she's buying a handheld video system for her son, Josiah, and is paying little attention until she looks down and sees that Charlie Manx's eyes are open and staring at her.

• Describing Charlie Manx, the narrator says, "Manx liked children. He’d made dozens of them disappear back in the nineties. He had a house below the Flatirons where he did what he liked with them and killed them and hung Christmas ornaments in their memory. The papers called the place the Sleigh House...

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