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The Meadow

This place is where Toru and Naoko go walking together one of the times when they are emotionally closest.

The Field Well

Naoko tells Toru about this mysterious place that no one ever finds without falling in and dying.

The Private Dormitory

This place is where Toru lives his first two years at college.

The Streets of Tokyo

This is where Toru and Naoko endlessly walk on their Sundays together during the first year after they meet again while they are in college.

The Firefly

Storm Trooper gives Toru this gift right before leaving for the summer.

Kobayashi Bookstore

Midori and her sister care for this small neighborhood store while their father is in the hospital.

Ami Hostel

At this sanatorium the patients live communally and grow vegetables.

Yotsuya Station

This is where Toru runs into Naoko and renews their acquaintance.

The University Hospital

Midori's father...

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