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Essay Topic 1

One of the themes Murakami develops throughout "Norwegian Wood" is the idea of a connection between the mind and the body. Choose two characters and discuss how that connection or disconnection is exhibited in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Using several examples, discuss how Murakami uses the recurring motif of a group of three characters throughout the novel to develop Toru's character.

Essay Topic 3

In "Norwegian Wood," Murakami depicts life and death as being on a continuum. Explain how the author uses the characters to develop this concept throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the meaning of Murakami's use of letters throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 5

Toru falls in love with two girls: Midori and Naoko. Compare and contrast these two characters.

Essay Topic 6

How does the title of the novel, "Norwegian Wood," represent the text?

Essay Topic 7

Discuss Murakami's use of music to develop his story...

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