Norwegian Wood Character Descriptions

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Toru Watanabe

This young person is haunted by the suicide of a best friend and realizes, through the friend's death, that death is a part of life.


This character cannot physically or intellectually find communion with others, and this character ultimately commits suicide.

Midori Kobayashi

This sexually uninhibited character, whose thoughts get spoken no matter the time or place, often feels unloved and is tired of caring for other people.

Storm Trooper

This neat and tidy gets up early in the morning to do calisthenics and seems unable to change in any way to get along with others.


This young person committed suicide one day after playing a game of pool by locking himself in the garage with the car running and a hose connecting the exhaust pipe to the inside of the car.


This brilliant, successful, self-confident, good-looking and popular character is on track...

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