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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Northanger Abbey?

2. Who does Isabella dance with in spite of her engagement?

3. What do Catherine, Eleanor and the General do on Catherine's first morning at Northanger Abbey?

4. How long will it be before James is financially able to marry?

5. Besides Henry Tilney, what is Catherine's passion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What convinces Henry of Catherine's good nature?

2. How does Isabella justify dancing with Captain Tilney?

3. What tactic does Isabella use in order to convince Catherine to go on the trip to Clifton?

4. Describe the room that Catherine stays in at Northanger Abbey.

5. How does Catherine feel about her brother's engagement?

6. What were the circumstances of Mrs. Tilney's death?

7. What effect does the weather have on Catherine's first night at the Abbey?

8. Why was Mrs. Allen not happy at the news of James' engagement and return to Fullerton?

9. At the end of Chapter 14, what does Catherine learn of the trip to Clifton?

10. Upon touring the interior of the Abbey, what is Catherine's opinion of the formal drawing-room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of Catherine's favorite things to do is reading Gothic novels. She seizes every opportunity to talk about Gothic novels with those she meets, and, as Gothic novels were quite popular during this time, her companion(s) often had an opinion of their own to share with Catherine. Research the Gothic novel and discuss its prominence in early 19th Century England.

Essay Topic 2

Who is the antagonist of the story and what makes this character the antagonist?

Essay Topic 3

Jane Austen novels are still widely read. Why are Jane Austen novels still so popular today?

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