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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Eleanor that Catherine cannot join her for their walk?

2. What do Catherine and the General discuss at dinner?

3. What do Henry and Eleanor doubt that General Tilney will allow?

4. What did Catherine see in front of the Tilney pew at church?

5. What does Catherine find in her room at Northanger Abbey?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon realizing her suspicions of his father, how does Henry attempt to calm Catherine's overactive imagination?

2. Why does Catherine describe General Tilney as 'liberal'?

3. Why doesn't Catherine like historical books?

4. Describe the room that Catherine stays in at Northanger Abbey.

5. Why does Catherine become troubled when Henry and Eleanor speak of Isabella's financial situation?

6. What convinces Henry of Catherine's good nature?

7. Why does the General not notice that Catherine is upset at breakfast?

8. How does Isabella justify dancing with Captain Tilney?

9. Upon touring the interior of the Abbey, what is Catherine's opinion of the formal drawing-room?

10. Why do Henry and Isabella doubt that General Tilney will allow a marriage between Captain Tilney and Isabella?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Northanger Abbey and what it symbolizes for the protagonist.

Essay Topic 2

What significance do carriages have in the novel "Northanger Abbey"?

Essay Topic 3

Love and romance are a major theme of the story.

Discuss the pairings of the following couples, the issues they faced, and whether they had a "happy ending".

a) Henry and Catherine

b) John and Catherine

c) Isabella and James

d) Isabella and Captain Tilney

e) Eleanor and her secret lover

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