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Short Answer Questions

1. After breakfast, what does Catherine resolve to do until one o'clock?

2. At the close of Chapter 10, what have Eleanor and Henry invited Catherine to do?

3. Who does John Thorpe claim of Henry and Eleanor Tilney?

4. At the dance in Chapter 8, who is Catherine's only company for most of the evening?

5. In Chapter 9, while riding in the carriage, what topics of conversation arise between Catherine and John?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does John treat Catherine at the dance?

2. What is strange about Isabella's behavior with the two men that show interest in the girls at the end of Chapter 6?

3. What comment does Austen make about fashion?

4. As Catherine is leaving Bath in John's carriage, what happens when she spots the Tilneys in the street?

5. Describe Mrs. Thorpe's daughters.

6. What information does Mrs. Allen give Catherine about Henry's mother?

7. What is the apparent relationship between Isabella and James in Chapter 7?

8. At the beginning of Chapter 11, what is Catherine's main concern and why?

9. Describe Catherine at the age of seventeen.

10. What explanation is given for Catherine being turned away at the Tilney home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Northanger Abbey" can easily be seen as a coming-of-age story. Catherine is introduced as a young lady of seventeen, and the novel concludes with a more mature and experienced protagonist. Discuss how "Northanger Abbey" is a coming-of-age story.

Essay Topic 2

Jane Austen novels are still widely read. Why are Jane Austen novels still so popular today?

Essay Topic 3

Research the Austen canon. According to literary critics, how does "Northanger Abbey" compare to Austen's other works in terms of writing style, tone and plot?

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