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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Isabella suggest Catherine do to break her engagement with Eleanor?
(a) Say she had a previous engagement.
(b) Pretend to be sick.
(c) Pretend that there are family matters to attend to.
(d) Tell Eleanor that Mrs. Allen needs assistance.

2. Why does the General scold Eleanor at dinner?
(a) Eleanor forgot to inform Catherine of the dinner time.
(b) Eleanor did not pray before eating.
(c) Eleanor did not dress appropriately.
(d) Eleanor rushed Catherine to come to dinner.

3. Where is John Thorpe headed when he leaves in Chapter 15?
(a) Gloucestershire.
(b) Fullerton.
(c) London.
(d) Oxford.

4. Where do James and Isabella become engaged?
(a) Bath.
(b) Clifton.
(c) Beechen Cliff.
(d) Fullerton.

5. What about Mrs. Tilney's portrait surprised Catherine?
(a) Mrs. Tilney was extremely fair.
(b) The portrait was in excellent condition.
(c) She cannot immediately see a resemblance in her children.
(d) The portrait was quite abstract.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Catherine refuse to go at the beginning of Chapter 13?

2. What was Isabella's first impression of John?

3. What do Catherine and Henry discuss on the walk?

4. Why does Catherine become troubled when Henry and Eleanor begin to talk of Isabella and finances?

5. Who is said to be sometimes left with no companion at all?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Catherine like historical books?

2. Upon touring the interior of the Abbey, what is Catherine's opinion of the formal drawing-room?

3. What does Isabella's letter to Catherine say in Chapter 26?

4. What effect does the weather have on Catherine's first night at the Abbey?

5. What tactic does Isabella use in order to convince Catherine to go on the trip to Clifton?

6. Why do Henry and Isabella doubt that General Tilney will allow a marriage between Captain Tilney and Isabella?

7. Why does Catherine become troubled when Henry and Eleanor speak of Isabella's financial situation?

8. How does Catherine feel about her brother's engagement?

9. Upon realizing her suspicions of his father, how does Henry attempt to calm Catherine's overactive imagination?

10. What does Catherine make of the growing attachment between Isabella and Captain Tilney?

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