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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What old song does John mention to Catherine?
(a) "Sisters and Brothers, Marry You Off!"
(b) "Let us Marry One and All".
(c) "Going to One Wedding Brings on Another".
(d) "I'll Marry you and be Merry".

2. What is Catherine's reaction to the news conveyed in the letter from James?
(a) Catherine is surprised.
(b) Catherine has no reaction.
(c) Catherine is confused.
(d) Catherine is moved to tears.

3. What does Mrs. Allen regret not being able to send with James back to Fullerton?
(a) Her well wishes for the Morlands.
(b) The scarf she knitted for the youngest Morland.
(c) A letter for Mrs. Morland.
(d) An account of Catherine's stay in Bath.

4. What news does Catherine receive in her letter from James?
(a) That James and Isabella are married.
(b) That James is gravely ill.
(c) That the engagement between James and Isabella is over.
(d) That Mrs. Morland is pregnant.

5. What does Catherine imagine of Northanger Abbey?
(a) That it must be like a Gothic castle.
(b) That it must be fashionably furnished.
(c) That it must be haunted.
(d) That it must be in poor condition.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Catherine reveals her suspicions of General Tilney, how is Henry's behavior towards her different at dinner?

2. What does Catherine find in her room at Northanger Abbey?

3. What is Catherine told was the cause of Mrs. Tilney's death?

4. In Chapter 26, what does Isabella's letter to Catherine say about Captain Tilney?

5. What do Catherine, Eleanor and the General do on Catherine's first morning at Northanger Abbey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What effect does the weather have on Catherine's first night at the Abbey?

2. Why does the General not notice that Catherine is upset at breakfast?

3. How does Catherine feel about her brother's engagement?

4. Why was Mrs. Allen not happy at the news of James' engagement and return to Fullerton?

5. What convinces Henry of Catherine's good nature?

6. Why do Henry and Isabella doubt that General Tilney will allow a marriage between Captain Tilney and Isabella?

7. How does General Tilney treat Catherine on their first meeting?

8. What tactic does Isabella use in order to convince Catherine to go on the trip to Clifton?

9. Why does Catherine become troubled when Henry and Eleanor speak of Isabella's financial situation?

10. What does Catherine make of the growing attachment between Isabella and Captain Tilney?

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