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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mr. Tilney's family based?
(a) Lincolnshire.
(b) Yorkshire.
(c) Gloucestershire.
(d) Derbyshire.

2. Where does John Thorpe offer to take Catherine in his carriage?
(a) To Lansdown Hill
(b) Back home to Fullerton.
(c) To the nightly ball.
(d) To Oxford.

3. How did John Thorpe acquire his carriage?
(a) John bought it from a friend.
(b) John borrowed it from his father.
(c) John received it as a birthday present.
(d) John won it in a game of cards.

4. Where does John Thorpe disappear to when the group arrives at the dance?
(a) John leaves, concerned about the health of his horse.
(b) John goes to the card-room to talk to a friend.
(c) John accompanies his mother to the tea-room.
(d) John disappears into the crowd without explanation.

5. What does Isabella write a list of for Catherine?
(a) A list of Isabella's favorite things.
(b) A list of things to do that day.
(c) A list of places to visit in Bath.
(d) A list of books to read.

Short Answer Questions

1. What town is to be the final destination of the Thorpes' and Morlands' trip?

2. At the dance in Chapter 8, who is Catherine's only company for most of the evening?

3. Why does Mrs. Allen congratulate herself once in the tea-room?

4. How does John's horse lead the carriage?

5. Whose idea was it for the Thorpes and Morlands to take a trip out of Bath?

Short Essay Questions

1. What explanation is given for Catherine being turned away at the Tilney home?

2. What misunderstanding does John apparently have of the Morland family?

3. What is the apparent relationship between Isabella and James in Chapter 7?

4. What does the narrator tell the reader about Catherine's character at the start of Chapter 2?

5. How does Isabella already know of Catherine?

6. What does Catherine tell Mr. Tilney she does not do, and how does he react?

7. Why is Catherine mortified following her visit to the Tilney home?

8. Describe Catherine at the age of seventeen.

9. Why does Catherine tell Henry that she cannot dance with him?

10. How is the character of Mrs. Allen described in Chapter 9?

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