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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Catherine not concerned by the fashionable young woman on Mr. Tilney's arm?
(a) Catherine believes the woman is too old to be Tilney's partner.
(b) Catherine guesses the woman is his sister.
(c) Catherine thinks the woman is quite unattractive.
(d) Catherine has been told Mr. Tilney is not married.

2. What busy street is encountered at the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) High Street.
(b) Carriage Street.
(c) Victoria Street.
(d) Cheap Street.

3. What does Henry do when he spots Catherine at the theatre?
(a) Bows.
(b) Nods.
(c) Waves.
(d) Smiles.

4. Who reports seeing two carriages waiting in the street after a rap draws her to the window?
(a) Mr. Allen.
(b) Catherine.
(c) Isabella.
(d) Mrs. Allen.

5. Whose idea was it for the Thorpes and Morlands to take a trip out of Bath?
(a) Mrs. Thorpe's.
(b) Mr. Allen's.
(c) John Thorpe's.
(d) Isabella and James'.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the dance in Chapter 8, who is Catherine's only company for most of the evening?

2. What does Mr. Tilney say the sexes are equal at?

3. What is General Tilney's reported opinion of Catherine?

4. Where does John Thorpe offer to take Catherine in his carriage?

5. On the way to Bath, what did Mrs. Allen fear she had done?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Mrs. Allen give Catherine about Henry's mother?

2. How did Catherine's family act on the day of her departure?

3. How does Henry support his suggestion that a country-dance is like a marriage?

4. What is the apparent relationship between Isabella and James in Chapter 7?

5. Describe Mrs. Thorpe's daughters.

6. How does John treat Catherine at the dance?

7. Does Mr. Tilney feel that women are better at writing than men?

8. What explanation is given for Catherine being turned away at the Tilney home?

9. What comment does Austen make about fashion?

10. As Catherine is leaving Bath in John's carriage, what happens when she spots the Tilneys in the street?

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