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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Catherine turn down Mr. Tilney's invitation to dance?
(a) Catherine would rather sit and have a conversation.
(b) Catherine does not want to encourage Mr. Tilney's affection.
(c) Catherine must wait for John Thorpe to return.
(d) Catherine is embarrassed by her dancing.

2. When Catherine is at the ball, what does she overhear two men call her?
(a) A pretty girl.
(b) An awkward girl.
(c) An ugly girl.
(d) A lovely girl.

3. What separates Catherine and Isabella for a time at the ball?
(a) Catherine goes outside for some fresh air.
(b) The girls dance in different sets.
(c) Isabella feels ill and sits quietly in a corner.
(d) Isabella and James spend time in the tea-room.

4. How did John Thorpe acquire his carriage?
(a) John won it in a game of cards.
(b) John received it as a birthday present.
(c) John borrowed it from his father.
(d) John bought it from a friend.

5. Why is the trip to Bristol called off?
(a) The group gets lost.
(b) It is too late in the day to continue on.
(c) The weather turns violent.
(d) The road is blocked by sheep.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isabella look forward to on the trip?

2. When asked what she thinks of John Thorpe, how does Catherine respond?

3. How much money did Mr. Morland give Catherine before she left?

4. Who does Catherine aim to avoid at a ball she attends in Chapter 10?

5. Who does Mrs. Allen wish was at the ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Catherine meet in Chapter 3?

2. As Catherine is leaving Bath in John's carriage, what happens when she spots the Tilneys in the street?

3. Does Mr. Tilney feel that women are better at writing than men?

4. How does Isabella already know of Catherine?

5. What does Catherine tell Mr. Tilney she does not do, and how does he react?

6. Describe Mrs. Thorpe's daughters.

7. What comment does Austen make about fashion?

8. Why does Catherine tell Henry that she cannot dance with him?

9. Describe Catherine's family.

10. Why is Catherine mortified following her visit to the Tilney home?

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