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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Catherine find the Tilney family dynamic?
(a) Restrained.
(b) Awkward.
(c) Comfortable.
(d) Caring.

2. What opinion does Isabella have of the Tilneys?
(a) The are ignorant.
(b) They are excessively proud.
(c) They are dishonest.
(d) They are a strange bunch.

3. At night, what piece of furniture does Catherine notice in her room in Northanger Abbey?
(a) A cabinet.
(b) A chair.
(c) An chest of drawers.
(d) A trunk.

4. Who does Catherine find alone in the breakfast parlor?
(a) General Tilney.
(b) Henry.
(c) A servant.
(d) Eleanor.

5. Why does Isabella fear she will not be accepted by John's parents?
(a) Her fortune is small.
(b) James is arranged to marry another.
(c) The Morlands are strict.
(d) Her reputation is not as it should be.

6. Who does Isabella dance with in spite of her engagement?
(a) General Tilney.
(b) Captain Tilney.
(c) Numerous men.
(d) Henry Tilney.

7. What does Isabella say will be impossible at the evening festivities?
(a) For her to drink.
(b) For her to socialize.
(c) For her to arrive on time.
(d) For her to dance.

8. Who discovers Catherine in Mrs. Tilney's chambers?
(a) Eleanor.
(b) General Tilney.
(c) A maid.
(d) Henry.

9. How is Captain Frederick Tilney described?
(a) Shy.
(b) Loud.
(c) Handsome.
(d) Stout.

10. What wakes Catherine after her first night at Northanger Abbey?
(a) The housemaid opening her window shutters.
(b) Eleanor knocking at the door.
(c) General Tilney yelling at a servant.
(d) A bird in the window.

11. Who is William?
(a) Isabella's brother.
(b) John Thorpe's friend.
(c) The Tilney's servant.
(d) Catherine's brother.

12. Who had General Tilney hoped to meet in Bath?
(a) His brother-in-law.
(b) Lord Dover and his son.
(c) The Marquis of Longtown and General Courteney.
(d) His old friends from Oxford.

13. In Chapter 26, what does Isabella's letter to Catherine say about Captain Tilney?
(a) Captain Tilney is a scoundrel.
(b) Captain Tilney is a cheat.
(c) Captain Tilney is a saint.
(d) Captain Tilney is a gentleman.

14. What does Catherine imagine of Northanger Abbey?
(a) That it must be fashionably furnished.
(b) That it must be haunted.
(c) That it must be like a Gothic castle.
(d) That it must be in poor condition.

15. When Catherine retires to her room at Northanger Abbey to consider the news from James, why does she feel obliged to immediately leave it again?
(a) The housemaids were within.
(b) The room smelled strange.
(c) Catherine was too restless.
(d) The room was too bright.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do General Tilney's children act in his presence?

2. What time of day does Catherine leave Northanger Abbey?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 18, where does Catherine meet Isabella?

4. What collection of documents does Catherine find in her room at Northanger Abbey?

5. On Catherine's first night at Northanger Abbey, what is the weather like?

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