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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the dance in Chapter 8, who is Catherine's only company for most of the evening?
(a) Mr. Tilney.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Mrs. Thorpe and Mrs. Allen.
(d) Isabella.

2. What is the name of the street where Catherine and the Allens stay?
(a) Balmoral Street.
(b) Denmark Street.
(c) Pulteney Street.
(d) Windsor Street.

3. What does Catherine decide when she sees her friends coming down the road for her in Chapter 11?
(a) Catherine decides to join them.
(b) Catherine decides she will pretend not to be home.
(c) Catherine decides to go out and meet them.
(d) Catherine decides she will not go with them.

4. On the way to Bath, what did Mrs. Allen fear she had done?
(a) Forgotten to write her contacts in Bath.
(b) Forgotten to pack her favorite necklace.
(c) Forgotten her clogs at the inn.
(d) Forgotten to write down the address of her acquaitance in Bath.

5. After breakfast, what does Catherine resolve to do until one o'clock?
(a) Read her book.
(b) Chat with Mrs. Allen.
(c) Walk outdoors.
(d) Write letters.

Short Answer Questions

1. With but a few exceptions, what is John's opinion of novels?

2. What motherly advice does Mrs. Morland give to Catherine before leaving for Bath?

3. Why is the trip to Bristol called off?

4. Who does Catherine see speaking with General Tilney?

5. What does Isabella look forward to on the trip?

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