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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26, 27, and 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the dance in Chapter 8, who is Catherine's only company for most of the evening?
(a) Nobody.
(b) Mrs. Thorpe and Mrs. Allen.
(c) Mr. Tilney.
(d) Isabella.

2. What motherly advice does Mrs. Morland give to Catherine before leaving for Bath?
(a) "If you find yourself faint, by all means, clear your dance card."
(b) "Leave the strenuous activities to the men and horses."
(c) "Be wary of straightforward men."
(d) "Always wrap yourself up very warm about the throat."

3. What strikes Catherine as odd about Northanger Abbey?
(a) It is modern.
(b) It is haunted.
(c) It is unfurnished.
(d) It is small.

4. What does Catherine fear General Tilney dislikes about her?
(a) Her appearance.
(b) Her wealth.
(c) Her family.
(d) Her friends.

5. What does Isabella write a list of for Catherine?
(a) A list of things to do that day.
(b) A list of Isabella's favorite things.
(c) A list of books to read.
(d) A list of places to visit in Bath.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it said that Catherine's family are not in the habit of doing in order to increase their importance?

2. What is Mrs. Allen amazed at Mr. Tilney's knowledge of?

3. How do James and John know each other?

4. How does Catherine interpret the letter she receives from Isabella in Chapter 26?

5. Of what skill does Catherine praise Henry to his sister?

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