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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 and 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What separates Catherine and Isabella for a time at the ball?
(a) The girls dance in different sets.
(b) Isabella feels ill and sits quietly in a corner.
(c) Catherine goes outside for some fresh air.
(d) Isabella and James spend time in the tea-room.

2. How much money did Mr. Morland give Catherine before she left?
(a) Ten guineas.
(b) Five pounds.
(c) Fifty pounds.
(d) Twenty guineas.

3. How do James and John know each other?
(a) They met recently at a ball.
(b) They are childhood friends.
(c) They attend school together.
(d) They have a mutual friend in Bath.

4. What do Mrs. Allen and Catherine have to do before attending a ball?
(a) Shop for garments to wear to the ball.
(b) Visit a hair salon.
(c) Write to acquaintances who will be attending the ball.
(d) Reserve a carriage.

5. How long did it take Catherine to learn the "Beggar's Petition"?
(a) One week.
(b) One month.
(c) Eight weeks.
(d) Three months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isabelle proclaim to detest as she waits by the side of the road?

2. What busy street is encountered at the beginning of Chapter 7?

3. What does Isabella feel that Miss Andrews is lacking?

4. What is Mrs. Allen's passion?

5. When conversing, what advantage does Mrs. Thorpe have over Mrs. Allen?

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