Objects & Places from Northanger Abbey

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Object Descriptions

Fullerton - This is the town where the protagonist grew up.

Bath - This is the city in which the protagonist meets her love.

The Pump Room - This is the name of the place where people like to gather for socializing.

The Mysteries of Udolpho - This is the title of a Gothic novel.

Carriages and Horses - The protagonist got from one place to another using these.

Northanger Abbey - This is the estate in Gloucestershire.

Woodston - This is where the home of the protagonist's love is.

The Chest, the Roll of Washing-Bills, and the Portrait - These are symbols of intrigue.

Letters - These are shown in the novel as facsimile texts of what they are.

Wealth - This is a common way of measuring the value of a family in 19th century England.

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